Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Home Stretch!

The count-down continues until the release of Kresley Cole's new book Demon From The Dark!  Release day is August 24th AND she's going to be in Atlanta for the book signings!  I will be a HAPPY girl that day!

In other news, Roni Griffin (the lovely bloggeress of *Fiction Groupie*) was lucky enough to attend the RWA convention this year...I'd be jealous, but she's been nice enough to post some really fun, interesting, and useful tidbits in her blog this week.  I haven't reached the query stage just yet, but her post from today on the do's & dont's of querying will prove useful...I'M SURE OF IT!  I queried a long time ago when I was still working on my young adult stuff - more just trying to test the waters.  I did just about EVERYTHING wrong that Roni pointed out.  Her blog is already listed in my resources section, but I want to re-recommend her.  Excellent stuff!

Not much to throw out there today as far as my own writing.  I've been researching some more.  I gotta tell ya, Norse and Celtic history/mythology/folklore is SO MUCH FUN to study!  Writing can be such a fun excuse to be a nerd.  :)

P.S.:  If you're as big of a Kresley Cole addict as I am, feel free to join me over in her forum.  My username is "lilashriel".  Also, if you're in Atlanta and want to hang out at a book signing with me, just shoot me an email (!