Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meeting Kresley Cole, Finding Inspiration, Focusing on the Characters

Hello out there!

This week has definitely been a big one for me.  On Monday, I strolled unassumingly COMPLETELY INTENTIONALLY into my local Wal-Mart.  Guess what they had on the shelves a whole day early?!  Kresley Cole's Demon From The Dark!  I finished the book by Tuesday night, and it was amazing.  Her best yet!  I WANT a Malkom Slaine!

On Wednesday, I got to MEET Kresley because she was in Atlanta for book signings.  I got to talk to her for a good 15-20 minutes, pretty one-on-one and it was awesome.  She's so nice and cool and sweet and funny and writerish and it was just a kick ass time!  Meeting her totally reaffirmed my need to write.  If she, a normal gal like m'self, can do it...then SO CAN I!

I'm off today and tomorrow, and after meeting Kresley, I went out and bought a shiny new spiral notebook (a sure sign that I intend to write and not be bothered by the outside world for a solid 48 hours).  I've got the world building and researching down - now it's time to really solidify my characters.  Kresley said in a recent online chat that she usually starts with characters, then the story and circumstance follows.  I've already gotten so much on paper now that I've thought about it that way!  As an avid reader of romance, it's easy to forget the elements that go into the stories when you're trying to turn around and write them.  Especially with Paranormal Romance, it can be easy to focus so much on doing something "different" and "new" that you lose the essence of what makes it a Paranormal ROMANCE - the ROMANCE and the CHARACTERS.  At the end of the day, the love story is the most important aspect romance.  Period.  Now that I'm back to that, I'm feeling like I can move on from researching.  MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STEP!

So, as I'm writing this and working on carving out my characters, I've got the Lord of The Rings on in the background and I'm in the zone!  Here's hoping that I don't get thrown off course!

Have you ever met one of your favorite authors?  What was it like?  If you're a writer, how did meeting them influence your approach to your own writing?



  1. I actually got to attend RWA National this year in Orlando, and surprise, surprise, Kresley Cole was there signing PLEASURE OF A DARK PRINCE. Needless to say, two other ladies and I were uber-excited to meet her and get to chat with her. She was super gracious, and it reconfirmed why she's not only one of my fave writers today, but also my role model.

    I am also an aspiring paranormal writer and I blog at Good luck with your writing, and I'll be back to your blog.

  2. Nice to meet ya! Yeah, Kresley is very gracious. She was great to meet. I'm kinda jealous that you got to go to RWA National this year :) I'm hoping I'll get to go next year, though. I'll be following your blog, too!